3 Reasons Why Living in the 2nd Least Populated Country in the World is Awesome

1. There is never any traffic

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There might be cars on the road now and again, but the traffic in Namibia could never compare to the brutal rush hours of any US city. So jump in your car, head to the nearest taxi stand, or stick out your thumb at any time of the day to set out on one of the many adventures that Namibia has to offer. You’ll never have to worry about that bumper to bumper madness ruining your weekend. Which brings me to my next point…

2. The National Parks are (almost) empty

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It’s not uncommon to be the only one hiking around a magnificent landscape. In Namibia you can enjoy nature without the crowds. Imagine yourself at the top of a massive shifting red sand dune with nothing between you and the horizon, or at a secret desert watering hole all to yourself, or at a secluded mountain campsite with just you and the milky way shining across the whole sky. In Namibia, these are realities. And finally…

3. There is a strong sense of community

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With only 2.2 million people in all of Namibia, it is easy to make connections all throughout the country and news travels fast. Want to check out that new restaurant in Windhoek? Like some new music that you heard? Want to get more involved with cheetah conservation efforts? Not a problem. Your coworker’s cousin owns the restaurant, the person you play soccer with every weekend knows the musician that you like, and cashier at the grocery store that you see every week knows someone who has volunteered with the cheetah organization and can put you in touch. I have, on multiple occasions, been introduced to American expats or been told about Americans who live here in Namibia. It is easy to seek out community if you want to.

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