Put Your Money to Good Use with Community Based Tourism

If you like camping and also like putting your money to good use, then Namibia is the perfect place for you! Namibia has set up a collection of community campsites as part of their community based tourism industry. These campsites are run by locals and all of the money goes to the village. It also creates employment for the community in addition to generating income. Eric and I recently visited the Spitzkoppe Community Restcamp run by the local San community.

The campsites are primitive and generous in size. Each site contains a fire pit and a pit latrine. At the reception area there are running water toilets as well as showers, sinks, braai facilities, a restaurant, and a bar. The reception also offers some guided activities throughout the park. These include horseback riding, guided hikes to see Bushman paintings, and guided walks into their fenced in animal reserve. They also have guided hikes to summit the mountain, but it is best to book in advance for some of the more vigorous activities.

If guided activities aren’t your thing, there are plenty of sites to see on your own such as a rock pool, natural bridge, several caves, and interesting rock formations to hike in and around. The natural pool only fills up after years of heavy rains, so March-May is the best time to find it full. There are also rock climbing routes set throughout the park that attract international visitors. Some of the routes were set directly at our campsite, but we unfortunately do not have ropes or harnesses (yet). If you just want a relaxing few days in nature filled with solitude, then Spitzkoppe is the place. The stargazing is some of the best in Namibia and the sunsets and sunrises light up the mountains in a bright red.

With seemingly endless rocks to climb, stars to see, and peace to find, Spitzkoppe is the perfect place for any outdoorsman/woman. Put your dollar to good use and have a blast at the same time. I know I did!

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