Wild Foods of Namibia: Maguni Fruit

In this installment of “Wild Foods of Namibia” we’re introducing the Maguni Fruit, otherwise known as Kavango Oranges. Maguni are common in the northeast of Namibia along the Kavango and Zambezi Rivers. The hard shell protects seeds encased in a fleshy fruit that tastes like a combination of a banana and an orange. Locals often pick large amounts of the fruits and travel with them all over Namibia to sell them on the streets. Selling produce on the streets is often their sole source of income, so Eric and I try to buy from street vendors as often as possible. One large Maguni is sold for approximately N$1-2 and smaller ones are N$0.50-1.

Opening these fruits is a bit tricky. Begin by holding the maguni firmly in one hand then, using the butt of a knife/rock/hammer, hit the top of the fruit (near the stem) in a circular pattern around the stem. This should create a hole on the top and you can now use a spoon to scoop out the seeds one at a time and eat them straight from the fruit. Or, if you can wait a few hours, remove all of the seeds and freeze them (Eric’s method). Once frozen, it is easy to remove all of the flesh from the seeds using your teeth


Have you ever tried maguni fruit? What did you think? Let us know in the comments!

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